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Meet Orlando Attorneys Mark Troum and Richard Wallsh

The Chartered Law Offices of Troum and Wallsh represents clients throughout Florida in both state and federal courts. The firm has earned registration on the Bar Registry of Preeminent Lawyers. The firm is A-V rated by Martindale-Hubbell. The firm prides itself on being responsive to the needs of its clients and its attorneys provide personal attention to all legal matters from initial consultation to conclusion. We welcome you to contact us today regarding any questions you may have.

Mark Troum

I have been a licensed attorney in the State of Florida and a member of the Florida Bar since 1984. I have also been licensed as an attorney in the State of New Jersey since 1987.

I received my law degree from the Stetson College of Law in St. Petersburg, Florida in 1984. Following my law school graduation, I held the position of Assistant State Attorney at the State Attorney’s Office in Orange County for a period of five years. While a prosecutor, I became trained as a trial attorney.

I left the State Attorney’s Office in 1988 to open my private law practice. Since that time, I have devoted a substantial portion of my practice representing persons in criminal, employment and family law matters.

I have learned that you are not just looking for an attorney with a resume’. It is likely that you are seeking an attorney who will take the time to discuss with you the intricacies of your case and your concerns about your case. You are also interested in an attorney who will give your case his individual attention. You deserve an attorney who knows and understands the law and is capable of aggressively litigating your case in court. I feel that I can meet those expectations.

I have learned by experience that even the most uncomplicated and routine legal matters for an attorney can be extremely sensitive to the client. These matters can be emotionally upsetting and in many cases emotionally devastating. It is rarely in your best interest to proceed without the aid or advice of an attorney.

Richard Wallsh

I have been an attorney in Florida since 1980. I am board certified by the Florida Bar as a criminal trial specialist. This certification required years of trial experience and continuing education as well as a review by local attorneys and judges as to my qualifications and abilities. In addition to criminal trial law, I also practice regularly in the family/domestic courts, traffic courts and juvenile courts of this State.

I attended law school at the University of Florida where I graduated with honors. Upon graduation from law school, I became a prosecutor for the State Attorney’s Office in Orlando. I was named a chief felony trial prosecutor where I prosecuted many serious crimes and learned the art of being a trial lawyer. I left the State Attorney’s Office in 1987 and went into the private practice of law.

I am proud to announce that I am a member of local, state and national organizations dedicated to increasing professionalism and trial skills.

Although I have spent all this time describing my credentials, I know that you are not just looking for a lawyer with a resume’. What you want and deserve is an attorney who will take the time to understand what your case is about and to give you and your case individual attention. You want and deserve an attorney who is both knowledgeable in the law and capable of aggressively presenting your case in court. I think I can meet your expectations.